Peter Forsberg

Peter “Foppa” Forsberg is one of the best hockey player through the ages and he is also my favourite hockey player and my idol. It is a good person to look up to because when he was on the ice he always gave 100% and he also did lot of points. Some people does have their idol just because they do a lot of point but “Foppa” was a hard working player that played for the team therefor he is a good player to look up to. I and many others say that “Foppa” was the best player in the world through the ages and I will say it true because he has received many awards like hart Momorial trophy. The award is for the best player in the NHL. Peter Forsberg do not play hockey any longer because of a foot injury. Today he is 43 years old and live in Örnsköldsvik where he also grown up.

Facts about “FOPPA”

Born: In Modo, Örnsköldsvik 1973

Family today: Wife Nicole Nordin, Children’s Lennox and Lily Forsberg.

Teams he has played for: Colorado, Nashville, Philadelphia, Quebeck and Modo.

Trophies: Hart memorial trophy,



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